Bachy Soletanche has a proven track record in the design and construction of high-quality geotechnical solutions for the highways and rail industries. Delivering road and rail projects can often be complex and time sensitive jobs. Our geotechnical solutions cover the complete sector, from expanding train and underground stations with new platforms, to upgrading roads to smart motorways. In conjunction with this, we can deliver all the necessary ground engineering work to support structures including bridges, viaducts and embankments.

We have carried out works during both live running and full possession hours. We know the issues associated with transport projects and the pressures they can bring to your programme, from working adjacent to busy motorways to the discovery of hidden services. However, with sound planning and lengthy pre-construction involvement, we prepare for unforeseen obstacles and plan logistics to ensure maximum efficiency on site, as we know you often have tight timeframes to work with.

Further to this, we always ensure thorough planning of working areas and flexible working hours to avoid unnecessary disruption to commuters and residents, as the communities we operate in are always top of mind.