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Bachy Soletanche can design and manufacture ground engineering solutions for a range of airport and marine structures, including airport terminals, dock yards, quays and ports. Whether airside or waterside, creating a design that is tailored to its surrounding environment and minimises disruption to scheduled travel and trade operations is crucial. To meet the rising demands of world trade and travel growth, we know that guaranteeing the longevity of your space is also vital, so we are focused on providing the highest quality design and construction that will support your operations for years to come. Our design and operational team have vast experience delivering geotechnical works in this sector, with major projects including Heathrow Terminal 5 for British Airways, Rosyth Dock Yard and the North Terminal at Great Yarmouth Port.

Through this experience, we are adept at meeting the inherent challenges and nuances of these projects, from the varied strata often found in marine locations to the heightened security and safety measures required when working in a live airport environment.


From office buildings to mixed-use developments, Bachy Soletanche can deliver the geotechnical programme for a multitude of commercial projects. We have constructed notable commercial buildings across the capital and the rest of the UK, including the M7 offices in Stratford City, Kings Cross S1 and Snowhill, Birmingham.

At Bachy Soletanche, we understand the value of every square foot in driving more revenue for your business. We know that commercial projects tend to lie in busy urban sites that are often restricted in size, therefore, our expert designers will offer tailored solutions to help you get the most out of your space. Whether that’s constructing thinner walls or using smaller diameter piles, we always work closely with our clients to achieve their vision.


We have delivered a broad portfolio of flagship projects in the health, education, and government sector, including those for the Defence sector and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Through our geotechnical expertise, we are helping to build strong foundations for universities, schools and hospitals, breathing new life into communities and transforming towns and cities. Our design team and expert engineers can offer unique solutions to suit each section of your project, as well as experience working with varying ground conditions and advanced geotechnical methods to help bring your vision to reality.

Health, education and government projects can often mean dealing with congested or difficult to access areas, as well as shorter programme times. Bachy Soletanche has experience working with the extra challenges brought from working on busy sites, including live hospital environments and active university campuses. Our tight logistical planning and diverse range of plant ensure we are well equipped to work around restricted access areas to meet your programme deadlines and guarantee the smooth opening of your new facility.


Bachy Soletanche provides its geotechnical expertise on most types of industrial and energy infrastructure, from the construction of warehouses and factories, to gas pipeline replacements and powerline refurbishments.

Industrial and energy structures are vital to the running of homes and businesses across the UK; therefore, we take every step to ensure we deliver safe and reliable infrastructure that will serve our communities for generations.

Oftentimes located in remote or difficult-to-access locations, energy infrastructure projects require an extremely adaptable team and fleet. Through our tight logistical planning, diverse range of plant, and close relationship with our supply chain we can safely overcome any constraints you have to work with.


Bachy Soletanche is highly experienced in carrying out bespoke geotechnical works to support new residential, leisure and retail developments.

For this type of project, we know that every minute counts and so getting your new space up and running as soon as possible is crucial. Our in-house design team work closely with you from the pre-construction phase, considering all the alternative options to deliver the most time and cost-efficient solution for your project, without compromising on quality.

With many new homes, shops and leisure facilities being constructed in densely populated areas, it is also crucial to consider nearby structures and take extra measures to minimise disturbance to neighbours. Our close working relationship with our clients, early contractor involvement, and sound logistical planning ensure we can mobilise plant in restricted areas and offer unique designs to minimise our impact on the surrounding environment.


Bachy Soletanche has a proven track record in the design and construction of high-quality geotechnical solutions for the highways and rail industries. Delivering road and rail projects can often be complex and time sensitive jobs. Our geotechnical solutions cover the complete sector, from expanding train and underground stations with new platforms, to upgrading roads to smart motorways. In conjunction with this, we can deliver all the necessary ground engineering work to support structures including bridges, viaducts and embankments.

We have carried out works during both live running and full possession hours. We know the issues associated with transport projects and the pressures they can bring to your programme, from working adjacent to busy motorways to the discovery of hidden services. However, with sound planning and lengthy pre-construction involvement, we prepare for unforeseen obstacles and plan logistics to ensure maximum efficiency on site, as we know you often have tight timeframes to work with.

Further to this, we always ensure thorough planning of working areas and flexible working hours to avoid unnecessary disruption to commuters and residents, as the communities we operate in are always top of mind.


Bachy Soletanche provide essential waterside infrastructure that helps protect and serve communities across the UK and Ireland. We recognise that as a precious natural resource, we must do everything we can to preserve the quality of our water, ensuring it remains clean and unpolluted.

Through our experience with a range of water industry projects, we are well equipped to deliver bespoke ground engineering solutions for dam repairs, sewage system upgrades and flood relief schemes. We have worked with a wealth of challenging conditions, including very high permeability rock and unpredictable strata, as well as operating in active reservoirs.

Regardless of the challenges and constraints that arise, our experience and expertise ensure you can rely on us to deliver a successful geotechnical programme that protects and preserves the surrounding environment.