Soil nailing is a soil reinforcement technique used to reinforce and strengthen existing ground, stabilise slopes and land slips, reduce ground settlement and can provide earth retention for deep excavations.


Soil nails are sub-horizontal passive elements which allow soils to stand at steeper angles than they would naturally.  Depending on the specified solution, there are a number of installation methods and techniques that can be adopted.

The process usually involves a tensile element being installed and grouted into boreholes.  The soil nails are generally drilled on a regular pattern and the design often incorporates a facing (soft, flexible, or hard).

Capability:Bachy Soletanche offer multiple drill and grouting systems for the installation of soil nails including; self-drilling hollow bars, fully or partially cased boreholes, down-the-hole hammer and lost bit.

Advantages: Soil Nailing has many, significant, advantages over other slope stabilisation methods. It is usually cost effective, quick to install and can used to form steeper slopes than an engineered embankment.  Other advantages include; flexibility of construction and construction equipment, performance, environmental and aesthetic considerations.

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