Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles offer an economic, quick, low noise and vibration solution to constructing retaining walls or bearing piles for medium to highly loaded structures. The system eliminates the need to use support fluid or casings in cohesive soils, non-cohesive or water bearing soils. The process can be used for environmentally sensitive sites and/or working near existing structures.


CFA piles are constructed by drilling a hollow stemmed auger into the ground to the required depth. As the auger penetrates the ground spoil travels up it to ground level and is removed by an auger cleaner which acts as a safe system of work in spoil management. The auger filled with  spoil generated during the construction process provides ground support for the bore thus eliminating the need for casings or support fluid.

Once the auger has drilled to the required depth concrete is pumped under pressure through the auger stem to the toe of the pile. The auger is then withdrawn in a controlled manner until the bore is concreted to ground level. A steel reinforcement cage is then placed into the fluid concrete to the required level.

Our rigs are fitted with precision instrumentation to monitor drilling parameters, pile verticality and concrete pressure, volume and productivity in order to ensure quality is maintained during the construction process.

Capability: Depending upon ground conditions, we are able to construct CFA piles to a diameter of between 450mm and 1500mm and to a maximum depth of 32m.

Advantages: High productivity, rapid mobilisation. Greater efficiency with respect to resources. Low noise and vibration.

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