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Fairness, Inclusion and Respect

Fairness, Inclusion and Respect2022-04-27T08:44:42+00:00

A diverse workforce is a happy workforce

Bachy Soletanche strive to create an inclusive work environment where all employees are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities, and are empowered to achieve their full potential. An inclusive workplace is essential in cultivating an innovative, productive and happy workforce. This leads to better decision making, more creative problem solving and greater marketplace understanding, therefore enabling us to deliver the highest quality service to our clients.

We are actively committed to fostering a culture where everyone’s characteristics, background, experience, and abilities are recognised and respected. Through this, we can reflect the diversity of our communities and open our business up to a wider pool of talent. For our employees to thrive, we believe in promoting a culture that is based on the principles of Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR):

  • Valuing everyone and their contribution
  • Being welcoming to people of all backgrounds
  • Providing fair treatment and conditions
  • Having zero-tolerance of unlawful discrimination
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14% of workforce identify as women.

*as of April 2020

ethos - EDI icons - site team icon
29% of full time workers are site-based operatives.

*as of April 2020

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6% of employees are apprentices or recent graduates.

*as of March 2022

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5,588% hours of staff training provided in 2021.

*January 1st to December 31st.

Our Fairness, Inclusion and Respect Commitment

  • Our sourcing and recruitment methods are free from discrimination of any kind
  • We actively partner with organisations that are helping to increase diversity in the construction sector, such as promoters of STEM subjects, apprenticeships and local education providers
  • Our policies and procedures ensure that people are treated fairly, respectfully and are protected from discrimination, bullying or harassment. Our policies are reviewed regularly to ensure they reflect our commitment to FIR
  • We are committed to providing fair and open access to development opportunities to fully utilise the talents of all our employees, and to ensure that employment decisions are fair and objective
  • Through learning and development, we aim to raise awareness of the importance of FIR and the impact of bias – both conscious and unconscious
  • We embrace hybrid working to create a culture of trust and autonomy
  • Our employees are empowered to challenge and report any inappropriate or discriminatory behaviour they encounter or witness
  • We maintain and review the employment records of all employees to monitor Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of our FIR commitment

The VINCI Manifesto (The Code of Conduct and Ethics) sets out the principles that guide our behaviours based on transparency, integrity, fairness and respect.

View VINCI Manifesto

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