CFA Piling

CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles are quick to install and offer an efficient, rapid solution for predominantly more lightly loaded structures.

Bachy Soletanche have a large fleet of C.F.A rigs, in a variety of sizes to offer clients the best value, for a large variety of piling projects. Our highly experienced in-house design and pre-contracts teams, are based throughout the U.K., and so have an in depth knowledge of the most cost effective foundation systems.

Recent advances in rig technology have lead to, in the right soils, larger diameters up to 1200mm, or longer piles up to 32m, being installed. Quality has also been improved in recent years with our skilled and experienced site staff and sensitive onboard instrumentation, to monitor performance and quality.

This enables Bachy Soletanche to offer the best value CFA piles at first time of asking.

The installation process of CFA piling