The vast majority of projects carried out by Bachy Soletanche are undertaken on a design and build basis with the design element carried out in-house by a group of fully qualified technical staff.

All senior design staff have site experience at contract management level and are therefore conversant with the relevant construction processes. They are aware of the inherent risks.

In addition to preparing final working designs for contracts that have been won, many detailed design alternatives for projects are prepared as part of the normal tendering process. It is this approach which often gives our tendering a competitive edge, leading in many cases to success in a very competitive market.

Design engineers work closely with estimators and operations staff at tendering stage to ensure that technical optimisation is related to economic efficiency and operational practicality. During the tendering process, the designers develop an understanding of the performance requirements as well as a realistic assessment of the ground conditions. In addition, technical, environmental and operational risks are evaluated at this stage.

By utilising our design resource to develop solutions that are technically sound, practical to construct and economically attractive, we are able to offer cost effective solutions to our clients together with an appropriate evaluation of risk. It is this approach which makes our design expertise one of the company’s key strengths.

We are constantly involved with the latest CDM regulations for all design and construction works. Potential hazards associated with the geotechnical processes are highlighted to clients for incorporation into health and safety plans.

Due to the nature of the works, our designers follow the works through the construction phase. Any new hazards will be identified and additional risk assessments carried out where hazards are not covered in our original risk assessments for the regularly used geotechnical processes and materials. These further risk assessments may be, for example, a function of the site size, geometry, geology, location or specified materials used or encountered.