Rotary Bored Piling

Bachy Soletanche defines piles in excess of 600mm diameter to be large diameter.

L.D.A. rigs tend to be higher power (torque) than CFA rigs are more able to over come underground obstructions. Rotary piles have the ability to: quickly change coring or digging tools and auger type; have plunge columns installed into them; be under-reamed to facilitate higher base capacity. Bored rotary piles also have the advantage of having the reinforcement cage installed into the open bore, and so can accommodate full length reinforcement.

We have the capabilities to produce piles up to 2800mm in diameter and to depths up to 66m. Large diameter piles can carry significant loads, both in end bearing and from skin friction.

The process for the construction of large diameter rotary bored piling in general terms comprises of the following steps as shown below.

The installation process of LDA piling